Leopold Associates - Firm Overview Transcript

VALERIE LEOPOLD: At Leopold & Associates, we understand that most people we see as clients are only going to be needing an attorney for significant injury once in their life, and that this is a major event for them. We need to understand what's going on in their life and the life of their family so we can achieve the best result. We handle all types of personal injury at Leopold & Associates. We tend to focus on the severe injuries; paralysis, death, brain damage, but we do handle smaller cases, too, a fracture to a leg, an arm. We will do our best to obtain the largest result possible, as quickly as possible, for our clients. Over the last 30-years, we've been able to obtain results for them and their families in the millions of dollars, because we thoroughly know the law, we thoroughly research it, and we listen to our clients. We realize that a client has really one opportunity to choose the lawyer that they feel most comfortable working with, and a lawyer who can achieve results. We have a proven track record. We do achieve results, but also, beyond that, I think we are compassionate; we listen and we care.