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If you or a family member has suffered serious harm in Illinois because of a doctor's error (misdiagnosis, surgical error or prescription error, for example), or from a serious accident due to someone else's negligence, my firm can help you through this difficult time.

Contact me, Valerie Leopold, to discuss your experience and what you can do next. Based in Chicago, I serve the needs of injury victims throughout Cook County.

Extensive Experience Throughout Illinois in Medical Malpractice Cases

There are all types of misdiagnosis cases. Sometimes a doctor or hospital fails to diagnose an illness, such as cancer, a bone fracture, meningitis or a heart attack. As a lawyer, I have successfully handled cases for failure to diagnose heart conditions, brain injuries, breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, Hodgkin's lymphoma and prostate cancer.

I have also won cases where patients are given an incorrect diagnosis. For example, I recovered $4.8 million for a young woman who was diagnosed as having the flu, when she actually had a brain infection called herpes encephalitis. Similarly, I obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars for a young man who was told that he was HIV positive when he actually did not have the AIDS virus.

Why Do Medical Mistakes Occur

In my experience, mistakes are frequently made when doctors and nurses are rushed and do not spend enough time with the patients. Similarly, mistakes can occur when a patient is seen by too many doctors, residents, and nurses and no one person understands the patient's history or overall problems.

Frequently, after thorough preparation and obtaining qualified experts who are willing to testify that malpractice occurred, I have been able to successfully settle these types of cases before proceeding to trial. If you feel that you have been misdiagnosed or an error has been made, contact me. We can discuss it.

Assisting Victims Through All Types of Injury Claims

At Leopold & Associates, LLC, the same techniques used to win medical malpractice cases are applied to all accident cases. As an attorney for more than 30 years, I have handled brain damage, paralysis, death, amputation and other injuries from not only car accidents, but also accidents involving motorcycles, buses, bicycles, horseback riding, playground equipment, toys, trains, medical devices and fires.

Where children or wage earners have been injured, I have frequently been able to obtain multimillion-dollar structured settlements that will support them for the rest of their lives. When an injury is permanent, the amount recovered should last a lifetime.

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